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What would you give for a better quality of Life?

Basically we all thrive for the same thing: A better quality of Life!

It has been my passion for years now to help people improve the quality of their life. And I have been attracting amazing people and opportunities into my life to help me helping you!

A few month ago i din’t know what a Demi-Pair is, and today i can’t live without one. So  I started a Demi-Pair Agency that offeres help for Families, that need an extra Pair of Hands at home.

But what other things would contribute to feeling better?

I just went through an amazing experience myself i would like to share: For month now i have been suffering from mild PMS, nothing major, but just there every month. Every time we suffer from something physically our body is trying to tell us something. Our bodies are very capable to heal themselves from almost everything, we just need to give them the right supplements. I have been using supplements for over 10 years and never really get sick, and i knew that my hormonal balance must be out of place, but still ignored it for a few month. Then i deiced to add a basic supplement from my favorite range helping to balance my hormones. At the end of my cylcle…. nothing.

I just realized two things again: First what an amazing quality my favorite products are made with. They work! And are fully toxin free, made to work with our body! Second, not having PMS to me is such an improvement to my quality of Life. Feeling like i do know, i don’t understand why i have left it for so long, even knowing it will help!

A healthy diet, plenty of water, supplements and exercise for physical well-being. Healthy thoughts, relationships and a passion in life for mental well-being. It is quite easiely achieved, step by step, and once you realise how much better a day can be, you won’t go back, even say: Why haven’t I done this a long time ago!

Have an awsome week

Andrea S Pelikan  (running in the next few Days)




Priceless Exchange!

You might have heard that i have started a new division of my Company Placing Demi-Pair students with amazing Gold Coast families. I concentrate with Korean Girls and am so exited to have found a way to make it easier for both parties, the Families and the Students!

In comparison to other companies i offer:

  • Assistance for hosting a Demi-Pair
  • All Girls are fully insured and with Blue-card
  • No Placement Fees ever
  • Instead i offer each Family a Gift Pack on arrival of the Demi-Pair
  • PLUS a $100 Coles-Myer Gift Voucher to help with any arising cost for EACH Placement!
  • PLUS if you refer a Family to me that will end up Hosting a Demi-Pair i will give you $100 Cash for the Referral

      A Demi-Pair is a student coming to Australia to study English. They choose to stay with Australian families to learn about our culture and to speak English. In Exchange with full Board, they offer you an extra set of hands around the house and with your children! Exactly what many of us busy families need!

      Korean Girls just love children and are very flexible, quite and mega friendly!

      So please let me know if you or someone you know would like ‘An extra set of Hands’ I would be honored to help you out!

      I would also appreciate your help in letting people know about me and my Demi-Pairs!!!

      My website is and will be running within the next week!

      If you have any questions about the Demi-Pair program please let me know!