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Coast Kids Article January 2011 – Positive Parenting

Here it is! The new Gold Coast Based Parenting magazine ‘Coast Kids’. I feel honored having been asked to be a monthly Contributor.

Check out the Online Version, and have a look at my Article on page 31. I would love your Feedback!


The Power of Positivity

After a busy week I finally have the chance to sit down and write another blog.

I attended a networking event last tuesday and had the pleasure to see Don Tolman last wednesday (AMAZING, thank you Kylie to invite me).

I had an information night on thursday and the Night of Light Event friday (where a young 81 year old lady had her first book launch, will talk about her a bit later…) in which a shared my table with Kym who makes beautiful affirmation canvases and the ever amazing Loanne Arnell of

I enjoyed a night out with some girlfriends saturday night and met up with Grant Tully (the face behind ) on Sunday where we discussed monday night, when we talk to a group of 20 scout girls and their parents about the concept of empowerment! Yey!

I was a very empowering week, sharing lot of time with very positive and successful people. The energy is amazing. It was a real AHA moment to me, seeing what a difference it makes to be in the company of such people! I really understand now FULLY what difference it makes to spand as much time as possible with empowering indivituals! It’s like to fuel to our motor that will run us to our goals!

The other AHA moment i had last week was how Positive Affirmations for Childern directly affect the parents. In my workshop “Creative Imagination and Art for Children”, i use the Magical Moments Affirmation Cards ( and i noticed that the children are attracted certain cards. Talking with their parents i found that whatever affirmations the children are most attracted to, the mums need most! So the kids know subconsciously what their mums need, as their mums limiting believes are imprinting within them! AMAZING!

Kawena ( , the 81 year old lady i was talking about earlier said last friday: ‘if we all get up in the morning affirming ‘Every Day, in every possible way, I am getting better, better and better!’ and we do that for 30 days, the changes around us would be incredible!’ I challenge you to try it!

Keep going with your daily Affirmations, and if you don’t have any, i urge you to write some! I am more then happy to help you write some, just email me!

Love and Light


Pressured to learn?

Since making the decision to homeschool my kids I have had a few ups and downs, thinking ‘Am I doing the right thing?’. I am a great believer not ever to push a child to do something they are not ready yet. Doesn’t matter what. We tend to push our children right from when they are born. We push them to roll over, to sit, to walk, to use to potty…

One thing i learnt (because of lack of time) from having 3 children within 12 month is, they do everything everyone elses baby is as well, only within their own time! I never really had time to teach zorana to eat propely and nicely with her spoon, because i have to feed the twins at the same time. But hey, she learnt, in her own time and you wouldn’t know now that she was a bit behind in the overal ‘schedule’!

I spent quite a bit of time last year trying to teach Zorana the alphabet, without success. She is a wild child, never sitting down, climbing palm trees whenever she gets the chance. ‘Well, she’ll come to me when she’s ready’ i thought. She wasn’t even five then. After Christmas this year she saw a children’s magazine she liked. she asked me to buy it for her. I told her that she needed to be able to read before i would buy her magazines. That day she made the decision to wanting to learn to read. Within 2 weeks she knew the alphabet and is writing words when i spell them for her! SHE was ready, she wanted to learn, and it was no problem what soever!

I have had many little proofs that when a child is ready, it will pick up anything! Maybe we just have to look at all the things WE want our children to do, and what things WE push onto them. I truly believe that many children these day are overloaded. Many children would pick up academical material much better in a more relaxed environment, without that much pressure, without having constantly to compete with the class best students.

I would like to invite you to read the post of Dr Mercola, it may help you understand your child a bit better if she or he experiences some difficulties at school.

Please be aware of the stresses we put onto our children today, and maybe cancel an activity and let them just play in the park or the beach! Remeber,  not every child is ready to do same thing at the same time!

With Love and Light



After quite a long day with sick children yesterday, i got to the bathroom where Z, A & V had a calming bath. I started to wash Zoranas hair and found something I have never had to deal with before: Head-Lice! Yuk! What to do next???

I felt a sense of panic, and decided to call Patrik asking him to come home early. He stopped by the chemist and got some Head-Lice stuff. I took some time to read a few articles about natural treatments and found one common ingredient: aromatherapy. Even the stuff patrik bought home was based on aromathrapy, so i gathered that i could make up a leave-in conditioner with the oils that where suggested everywhere.

I feel that I need to share this Information, I have heard a lot about those creatures being around at the moment.

It is important that you use a leave-in conditioner which doesn’t contain any fragrances, like the toxic free one from Neways. For 100ml of conditioner, at each 17 drops of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Geranium. (A receipy form the aromatherapy book “Essential Oils, a guide to everyday use” published by Neways.

This is a safe way to rid the little heads of the yucky Lice, and i am going to use it as a preventative as well!

Love and Light


Parenting and the Law of Attraction

Rhonda Ryder – talks about parenting and the Law of Attraction:

The Universal Law of Attraction states that what you think, feel,
and put your focus on is what you will attract…negative or
positive. The story you are telling is what you will create.

For example, if you believe…

*Parenting is hard work
*Parenting is a difficult job
*Parenting takes an enormous amount of energy
*Parenting requires a high level of patience
*Parenting is stressful

The guess what? It will be!

If you believe….

*Parenting is a gift
*Sometimes parenting can be stressful, but I really want to enjoy
every moment as much as I possibly can
*Parenting is fun
*Parenting requires patience, but the more quiet time I take to
nurture myself, even if it’s 5 minutes a day, the more patience I
seem to have

Remember, the story you tell will become your reality.  If you
believe parenting is stressful or requires an extraordinary amount
of patience you will attract stressful situations needing a great
deal of patience…

Eat fruit for Breakfast!

A few years ago I’ve learnt about the importance of eating fruit in the morning. This is one thing that just keeps amazing me, how the metabolism is turned on, elimination of our wastes is so simple and everyone that makes eating fruit for breakfast habit looses weight!

If your bowel movement is a bit sluggish or you carry a bit of extra weight, just give it a go, try it for a week and see the difference yourself!

Philip Day of Compainforthruth says:

At the heart of Natural Hygiene is the science of energy. The great news is that you can manipulate your body’s energy usage very simply by the sort of food you consume, and you can start right now. To assist the body in eliminating toxins and waste during its morning cycle EVERY DAY, the idea is not to introduce anything during the Elimination Cycle that will divert the body from doing its life-saving housework. No traditional breakfasts. No Aunt Lily’s Arkansas Pancakes. No grits nor muesli. No British Heart-Attack-on-a-Plate with the fried eggs, fried bread, sausages, tomatoes, and bacon. The problem is, many folks are culturally prepared to eat a herd of wildebeest in the morning since it was hammered into us by our obese grannies time and time again that a healthy, farm-fresh breakfast was essential to our optimum welfare. Unfortunately this dangerous rubbish which our grannies fervently believed and took to their eventually failing hearts, is why many of them remained the size they did, up until they died of a toxin-related food-abuse disease, such as coronary heart disease, stroke or cancer.

If you want to get the Queen’s telegram with all your own teeth in your head, bouncing your great-granddaughter upon your firm and functioning, non-arthritic knee, then admit you aren’t going to make it with the West’s current food modus operandi. This frightening legacy of dietary treachery will give you a heart attack, cancer, and the other nightmares we examine in Cancer: Why…, Health Wars and The ABC’s of Disease. If you want to live to be a healthy hundred, find those who routinely live to these ages, and do what they do.

Making the change means making a decision to avoid completely unnecessary tragedy, pain and heartache, both for your benefit and for those who love you and want you around for as long as possible. I remember having dinner with a preacher and his wife in America. His wife unfortunately had suffered a stroke and was wheelchair-bound. During the meal, the pastor was explaining how he believed his wife’s condition was God’s way of communicating a message to them both. I heartily agreed with him. God was certainly communicating a message. It was: “You are killing yourselves with your troubled interaction with nourishment.” The meal we had that night consisted of a huge sidewalk of beef and an Everest of mashed potatoes slowly eroding into an Atlantic Ocean of gravy. Upon enquiry, I learned that this gastronomic profanation, together with some other close offshoots, was their regular evening munch.

Fruit is your man. Clean, light and more mobile than an SAS infiltration unit. Fruit digests in the intestinal tract, not the stomach, and charges through your system in 30 minutes like the 5:15 from Paddington. Fruit contains the monosaccharide sugar fructose, which is completely metabolised into ATP, the energy form the body uses to sustain its life-systems. Your brain runs on nothing but glucose, and fruit is your most efficient source of this essential blood sugar without provoking excess insulin. Besides, blood sugar levels rise and normalise after adequate fruit consumption, meaning that your hunger switch is turned off and you eat less food.

Fruit (uncontaminated with pesticides, of course), is rich in hard-working enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fibre, and is an extremely low-taxing amino acid source in the morning, which makes it ideal for breakfast. And what do amino acids build? That’s right. Proper human proteins. This is by far the body’s preferred way of constructing protein – from the human body’s amino acid pool. Fruit is alluring with its shapes and colours, has the most exotic tastes, and is loved by almost everybody. Those few who hate fruit are usually addicted to heavy, processed foods, which they indiscriminately combine with fruit into an apocalyptic jam-preserve, which will produce fermentation, putrefaction, acid residues and the resultant graveyard gas and corpse-like breath. If your breath smells like something has died… it has! And guess what sometimes takes the flak? Fruit! Naturally this is a no-no, and we’ll have a look at why there are set rules for fruit consumption which, if followed, clear up all the bad press in which fruit has been embroiled over the years.

Raw fruit has been described as ‘a perfect food’ because humans have been found in the past to survive for long periods on it. Within the past seventy years, however, commercially grown fruit, cereals and vegetables have lost a significant part of their vitamin and mineral content due to deficient soils, harvesting before the fruit is ripe, and those chemically laden, over-farming techniques. Fruit-only diets should be avoided because they lack a spectrum of nutrients contained in other foods, which must be consumed in the correct quantities.[1] The mineral deficiency in fruits and other organic matter can be easily and simply remedied using mineral supplementation, which shall be discussed later.

Here are the Ten Fruit Commandments. Tattoo them on your cookie jar:

  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach any time during the day
  • Always leave 30 minutes after fruit consumption before eating foods other than fruit
  • Leave at least 3 hours after a properly combined meal before consuming fruit. This allows the previous meal to leave the stomach and avoids putrefaction and fermentation of the previous meal
  • Before noon, consume only fruit
  • Never combine fruit with any other foods
  • Never eat fruit AFTER a meal as a dessert
  • If you get hungry during the morning, eat another piece of fruit and keep munching until the blood sugar levels normalise and your hunger abates
  • Eat organic fruit only where possible
  • Do not eat processed, canned or cooked fruit, which normally contain sugars, e-additives and other aliens
  • Avoid high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) products touted as fruit!

Fruit is the perfect food when eaten on its own. Although sometimes described as an acid, malic acid from apples, for example, actually yields an alkali ash in the body, unless it is combined with other foods, whereupon the usual acid gunk is produced. During the morning Elimination Cycle (4am to noon), fruit is invaluable in assisting in the elimination of toxins. The fruit consumer, properly following the above rules, will experience a rapid return of energy, a steady, satisfying weight-loss as toxins and detritus leave (sometimes resembling diarrhoea), less bloat, less inflammation, and an overall feeling of health and well-being as these nutrients use the vital juices of fruit to gain instant access to the energy processes of the body. All these benefits just from consuming fruit the right way? YES!!

If fruit is eaten with, or even after other foods, problems will more often than not result. This is because the Fruit Express in your gut is trying to get through to its destination quickly, and its clear path is blocked by a Chicken Fried Rice Goods Train lumbering through at walking speed. The resultant wincing collision causes the liquefied fruit juices to combine with China’s finest and this fruity morass will begin to spoil. Proteins in the chicken putrefy and the rice carbohydrates ferment, resulting in the usual problems. Culturally we have come to view fruit as a dessert, which is nutritional heresy, in that fruit will always charge down the tunnel before hitting the back end of the Beef Risotto you chose to wolf down half an hour earlier. Fruit should always be consumed on an empty stomach for happy smiles and care-free miles.

I wish you all a great start into the new week!

Love and Light


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Stop procrastinating!

Wow, another week has gone! Sometimes i look back at the past few days and can’t believe how quick time really goes. I am sure a lot of people feel that way!

It makes me realise how precious each day is. Every hour, really, even every minute. My mother-in-law went back to Switzerland, and i must admit, it took me a while to get used to the kids on my own again. I had so much help around the house, and constant company and the Kids had to get used to just being with me again as well. We all miss her.

Realizing how quick the time flies, i looked at all the things i keep telling myself to do and found that i procrastinate a little bit! On the top of my list is my desire-statement in which i state my goals. I want to tape it as a kind of meditation so i am able to listen to it while i go off to sleep and i am in the theta state of mind. Magical things happen when someone does that, i know that myself! So i WILL do it this week!

I have been asking the universe to meet new wonderful people who can help me with all my ventures and i must say i am absolutely blessed! Thank you universe! It is so important to state what you want to achieve, to send the wish out to the universe, so it has the chance to deliver. Keep reminding yourself to do it, it is well worth it!

So i have met new great people who were able to help me in different ways, we have finished our back yard, bought a water feature, new pots and plants and it feels really good to be outside! It is amazing what difference it makes if you do something for yourself that you love, it raises your vibrations, makes you feel happy! We always seem to put things off that we do for ourselves, feel that we don’t really need it. But please just do one nice thing for yourself, and notice how it makes you feel! Amazing!

I also had another encounter with news of illness of a dear friend. There are so many illnesses in this world today! Please take some time out and check out what you can do to stay healthy, what have we got if we don’t have our health?

So this week i want to share with you this:

  • Do something for yourself that you keep putting off
  • Look at your goals for this year and write them down and read them daily. Stop procrastinating, we are already in may!
  • Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and eliminate toxins in your home and personal care products!

I would be delighted to help you. Check out my website for more info on how i may be able to support you!

Love and Light,