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Priceless Exchange!

You might have heard that i have started a new division of my Company Placing Demi-Pair students with amazing Gold Coast families. I concentrate with Korean Girls and am so exited to have found a way to make it easier for both parties, the Families and the Students!

In comparison to other companies i offer:

  • Assistance for hosting a Demi-Pair
  • All Girls are fully insured and with Blue-card
  • No Placement Fees ever
  • Instead i offer each Family a Gift Pack on arrival of the Demi-Pair
  • PLUS a $100 Coles-Myer Gift Voucher to help with any arising cost for EACH Placement!
  • PLUS if you refer a Family to me that will end up Hosting a Demi-Pair i will give you $100 Cash for the Referral

      A Demi-Pair is a student coming to Australia to study English. They choose to stay with Australian families to learn about our culture and to speak English. In Exchange with full Board, they offer you an extra set of hands around the house and with your children! Exactly what many of us busy families need!

      Korean Girls just love children and are very flexible, quite and mega friendly!

      So please let me know if you or someone you know would like ‘An extra set of Hands’ I would be honored to help you out!

      I would also appreciate your help in letting people know about me and my Demi-Pairs!!!

      My website is and will be running within the next week!

      If you have any questions about the Demi-Pair program please let me know!


      Could you do with an extra set of Hands?

      A few month ago I found myself in a situation where I just didn’t know how I could keep juggling all the balls I had in the air.

      My work was getting busier by the week which I loved but the housework really suffered. We weren’t quite in the stage were we could afford to pay someone for all the help I needed. Just when I thought I had to start to turn down clients and jobs I was made aware of the Demi-Pair program.

      Most of us have heard about Au-Pairs, girls that come to Australia to study English and get to know our culture. They spend their week working for us in our homes in return for ‘Pocket-Money’. But unfortunately not everyone can pay for such a blessing.

      So what is the difference from an Au-pair to a Demi-Pair?

      The difference is that the Demi-Pair helps around the house for 20 hours a week in return for room and food. They come and stay with the host Family for about 3 month to learn english and get to know our culture.

      So basically you have an extra pair of hands helping you with your children and housework for free! We have had Girls living with us on the Demi-Pair program for a few month now and I can assure you that it is just amazing!

      For me I can spend quality time with my kids, knowing that I have the afternoon to do my work. No more trying to squeeze in work in between looking after my kids. The children just love having the attention and they learn so much about their culture as well. They learn a different way of respect, towards another human being that may not speak English very well!

      Our girls help us in the afternoon with the children, playing with them, helping them with their bath, tidying their room, doing the laundry and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

      Hosting a Demi-Pair in our home enables me and my hubby to leave the house when the kids are asleep and go for a walk, have a quick coffee and even go late-night shopping!

      Having that extra pair of hands really works for me and my family and it is very affordable, maybe it is something that would help you too?

      Let me know if you’d like some more information on the Demi-Pair program, Host Families are always very much in demand!

      Much Love,

      Andrea S Pelikan


      The Treasure Hunt – The Law of Attraction

      Check out my article ‘The Treasure Hunt’ on the New LOA Law of Attraction Site, It is featured on their Home Page!

      New Year, try the Law of Attraction anyone?

      Wow, the festive season has come and gone, and with that New Years Eve and all our Children’s Birthdays.

      Sitting down now, i reflect on the last year, 2010. What a year! So much has happen, and I can say that all my Goals have been achieved! It just shows again that the Law of Attraction really does work, when used properly.

      • I have been asked to become the Parenting & Wellness Professional Support Advisor of , check out their website it really is amazing!
      • I am also very proud to be the Positive Parenting Writer of the new monthly Gold Coast Parenting Magazine Coast Kids!
      • I am also very proud to be a LOA Parenting contributor of the wonderful new Law of Attraction Site! Everyone has free access to receive weekly articles and audios.

      This now means getting back to the Drawing Board and sketching up new ones for this Year! I urge you all, please do the same!

      When you get into your car and start the engine, you most likely know exactly where you are going to drive. You most likely have petrol in your car and your purse and license with you. We know where we are going before we get into the car, most times. So why is it that most people don’t know where they are going with their lives?

      Set yourself some goals, and take to personal challenge to work on yourself towards achieving them! Their are so many people out their who would love to help you, me included.

      Make 2011 an amazing Year for yourself and your Family. Get happy &healthy, improve your finances, what are you waiting for? You have been given this lifetime, make the best out of it! If you feel stuck, get help! Me myself needed heaps of help to get me out of my box! Visit my website to find out different ways I could help you!

      Go for it! It’s a new Year, a new beginning! Make it amazing for yourself!

      Much Love,

      Andrea S Pelikan




      Positive Affirmations

      My first in-front-of-Camera Interview!

      I was soooo nervous! Wow, i felt sick in stomach! But what do they say? We have to overcome our fear on the way to success!

      I was very honoured having been asked to be part of the new Toddler to Teens Parent TV Show and last week we did the Introduction Interview.  Please have a look it is a great Parenting TV station!

      In Love and Light

      Andrea S Pelikan

      Dirty Electricity

      I had the great pleasure to welcome Donna Fisher, Author of ‘Silent Fields’ into my home for a Feeling Fabulous Workshop last night.

      Donna’s mission is to educate people about the dangers of Radiation. We are all exposed to it, at home, at work, at school…. In the US, the government is actually acknowledged this problem, and in Russia, the government has been protecting their people for years!

      Donna states: ‘ A Chemical Enviroment and Radiation  clearly contributes to the high Risks of Cancer today!’

      As with toxic chemicals, it will take years for our government to allow its people to learn about the real dangers of Dirty Electricity. So until then it is in our hands to make sure our homes are safe from this plague that contributes to so many cases of cancer, autism etc.

      Check out Donna’s website to buy the Books ‘Silent Fields’ or contact me, I have some for sale too!


      MORE SILENT FIELDS Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague The Missing Link explains why:

      • There is so much cancer and why you may unknowingly be in a cancer cluster.
      • Professional and office workers have high cancer incidence rates.
      • Indoor workers have higher malignant melanoma rates.
      • Pregnant women should not use computers at all.
      • Some diabetics are not diabetic at all.
      • Dirty Electricity can trigger Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
      • Autism has had such a staggering increase in two decades and what technology may help to prevent and assist in the treatment of.
      • A common baby aid is now suspected to be a culprit in the rise in autism and increase the risk of SIDS.
      • Computers are a large part of the dramatic increase in breast cancer statistics.
      • A new breast cancer detection system that is: pain free; Radiation free; ultrasound free; and not confused by dense breast tissue may be the new ‘gold standard’.
      • The cancer treatment using electromagnetic energy that does not harm healthy tissue has been endorsed by one country in 2009 and is available for rebates on the national health scheme.
      • A ground-breaking new wave technology that can turn the body from an acidic state into an alkaline state within a few hours should be made mandatory in every building.
      • The 20th century epidemic of the so called diseases of civilisation including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and suicide were caused by electrification, not by lifestyle.

      Hope you find the time to invest reading Donna’s book! Education gives you the power to make informed choices for yourself and your family!

      Andrea S Pelikan