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What would you give for a better quality of Life?

Basically we all thrive for the same thing: A better quality of Life!

It has been my passion for years now to help people improve the quality of their life. And I have been attracting amazing people and opportunities into my life to help me helping you!

A few month ago i din’t know what a Demi-Pair is, and today i can’t live without one. So  I started a Demi-Pair Agency that offeres help for Families, that need an extra Pair of Hands at home.

But what other things would contribute to feeling better?

I just went through an amazing experience myself i would like to share: For month now i have been suffering from mild PMS, nothing major, but just there every month. Every time we suffer from something physically our body is trying to tell us something. Our bodies are very capable to heal themselves from almost everything, we just need to give them the right supplements. I have been using supplements for over 10 years and never really get sick, and i knew that my hormonal balance must be out of place, but still ignored it for a few month. Then i deiced to add a basic supplement from my favorite range helping to balance my hormones. At the end of my cylcle…. nothing.

I just realized two things again: First what an amazing quality my favorite products are made with. They work! And are fully toxin free, made to work with our body! Second, not having PMS to me is such an improvement to my quality of Life. Feeling like i do know, i don’t understand why i have left it for so long, even knowing it will help!

A healthy diet, plenty of water, supplements and exercise for physical well-being. Healthy thoughts, relationships and a passion in life for mental well-being. It is quite easiely achieved, step by step, and once you realise how much better a day can be, you won’t go back, even say: Why haven’t I done this a long time ago!

Have an awsome week

Andrea S Pelikan  (running in the next few Days)




‘Law of Attraction Intentions’

Check out my latest article “LOA Intentions’ on the Home Page above! Please do share what you think of it!

The Treasure Hunt – The Law of Attraction

Check out my article ‘The Treasure Hunt’ on the New LOA Law of Attraction Site, It is featured on their Home Page!

New Year, try the Law of Attraction anyone?

Wow, the festive season has come and gone, and with that New Years Eve and all our Children’s Birthdays.

Sitting down now, i reflect on the last year, 2010. What a year! So much has happen, and I can say that all my Goals have been achieved! It just shows again that the Law of Attraction really does work, when used properly.

  • I have been asked to become the Parenting & Wellness Professional Support Advisor of , check out their website it really is amazing!
  • I am also very proud to be the Positive Parenting Writer of the new monthly Gold Coast Parenting Magazine Coast Kids!
  • I am also very proud to be a LOA Parenting contributor of the wonderful new Law of Attraction Site! Everyone has free access to receive weekly articles and audios.

This now means getting back to the Drawing Board and sketching up new ones for this Year! I urge you all, please do the same!

When you get into your car and start the engine, you most likely know exactly where you are going to drive. You most likely have petrol in your car and your purse and license with you. We know where we are going before we get into the car, most times. So why is it that most people don’t know where they are going with their lives?

Set yourself some goals, and take to personal challenge to work on yourself towards achieving them! Their are so many people out their who would love to help you, me included.

Make 2011 an amazing Year for yourself and your Family. Get happy &healthy, improve your finances, what are you waiting for? You have been given this lifetime, make the best out of it! If you feel stuck, get help! Me myself needed heaps of help to get me out of my box! Visit my website to find out different ways I could help you!

Go for it! It’s a new Year, a new beginning! Make it amazing for yourself!

Much Love,

Andrea S Pelikan




My first in-front-of-Camera Interview!

I was soooo nervous! Wow, i felt sick in stomach! But what do they say? We have to overcome our fear on the way to success!

I was very honoured having been asked to be part of the new Toddler to Teens Parent TV Show and last week we did the Introduction Interview.  Please have a look it is a great Parenting TV station!

In Love and Light

Andrea S Pelikan

Being an Amazing and Happy Parent

I am so exited to have been asked to be a Guest Writer On the Gold Coasts Best Parents Website SavvyMama

I hope you can all have a browse and check out my Article ‘Being an Amazing and Happy Parent’!

Please also check out my New and Updated Website!


Andrea S Pelikan,

The Law of Attraction and Me

At the start of this year, I spent a lot of time doing Mind Maps, colorfully putting my Goals onto paper and Laminated it. I didn’t quite know what I wanted, only that i needed to be able to do it with and around my children, i wanted to be of service to families, helping them with the knowledge that I have gained over the last 10 years, incorporating the Healing I have learnt and the Law of Attraction, my passion.

I kept affirming to myself that i will make a full time income, while ‘walking the talk’ of what I teach.

Well the month of October really took me achieving those Goals: The Gold Coast Bulletin is featuring my story, I got asked by 2 Websites to contribute Positive Parenting Articles, I got asked to provide an Audio on ‘Law of Attraction and Children’ to an Internet Radio Station, Maeve Magazine is featuring an Article in their next Issue,  I will one of 12  Sponsors for the Child Saftey Campaign, and i got a personal Letter from the Mayor offering the Support of the Gold Coast City Council to help ‘cultivating a culture of positive change’! Needless to say, I am stoked!

Then i took the children to the public pool for a swim and some physical exercise with all that rain, and i asked myself what i could do, i needed some help around the house now, with my increasing workload. And there, an add about Au-pairs jumped out into my face, made an inquiry phone call and had beautiful Bonnie move in with us Saturday morning to help me out! Wow!

Yes The Law of Attraction does work, and even if life sometimes seems totally out of whack, concentrate on what you want to achieve, don’t let negative feelings pull you down! Ever! Love Life even if it’s challenging sometimes, it will pay off in the long run!

So, what are you focusing on?

In Love and Light